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Burning Altar Logo 1.0

Project Name: Burning Altar Logo 1.0 (maybe this field can be skipped since it's the page title? Maybe the page title should be "Project 1"?)

Date: 1-25-11

Who will be primarily involved?
Brian Herbert (with help from you!)

Final Product
Vector Image

Project Goal
Make a logo for Burning Altar

Detailed Description
This first logo should be simple and somehow convey both "Burning" and "Altar" in a unique way. It'd be nice to incorporate elements from 1 Kings 18:31-33

How will this be presented?
On the main website. Eventually, it'll go on polos, mugs, branding irons, and the like.

Upkeep after completion
Picking out different color schemes for various uses.

Timeline / Milestones
1-28-11: Get feedback from another member
2-1-11: Good looking logo
2-7-11: Finished logo

Additional Info / Needs
I have no eye for design, so I'd like a consensus from all members, or at least plans for a better version 2.0

----------- 1/20/11 ------------

This logo should definitely have two parts: an external flame, and an internal altar. Here's a screenshot of initial flame ideas:

Unfortunately, there are already a million icons and logos of a fat flame with a few heads, as revealed in a Google search for "flame icon". The middle flame looks kind of cool, but it's hard to remember the exact lines without the image in front of you. The flame on the left really doesn't look like a flame unless you're thinking flame, and then it reminds me of a church banner.

 "1Kings 18:38 Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench. "

For the internal altar, I'd like to somehow incorporate earth, stone, wood, flesh, and water, but in a simple way. After some horribly complicated attempts, I've settled on lines and circles:

The earth, wood, and flesh are lines, stone is a circle and water is a teardrop. The leftmost one is uber simple, but looks childish. The middle one is more abstract, with the lines cutting away from the circle, and ends up looking too Mac-ish. The rightmost design has a more altar feel, with the stone rendered as another line, and looks a little like a candle, which is cool.

Here are some attempts at combine the altar and fire:

They all look as though they're made by Aztec children

----------- 1/22/11 ------------

I'm going for a more "pillar of fire" approach:

They look sort of like leaves, though. But they are more unique and clean than the previous batch. I'm still stuck on how to get an altar in there:

The 5 elements fit better inside this pillar shape, but I keep seeing guitars. The rightmost one is most attractive to me. I'm thinking I may have to depict the altar in a more simple way.

----------- 1/26/11 ------------

This may be laziness or over-artsiness speaking, but the design could just be reduced to a silhouette based around one of these:
The five points could just be said to represent the 5 elements. Actually, that sounds a little lame. But most great logos are super simple. This is where artistic people chime in with comments at the bottom, or Burning Altar members with better taste and preference download the attached Inkscape file and have a go.

----------- 1/27/11 ------------

I'd really like to have a simple shape that could be stamped on anything, but maybe starting fancy will work. Burning Altar only exists on colored screens, for the moment.

My preference changes every time I glance at the images. At this moment, I like the second from the left.

----------- 1/28/11 ------------
I added text and have been messing with the site header as a whole. I think this is what we'll at least start with, and it should work on any shade from white to dark gray:

Brian Herbert,
Jan 26, 2011, 1:17 PM