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Get Squares Game

Project Name: Get Squares Game

Date: 02/24/11

Who will be primarily involved?
Brian Herbert

Final Product
Android app

Project Goal
Make money, link back to Burning Altar

Detailed Description
This will be a very simple, two-player game. Each player is presented with an identical, two-color grid, like a scrambled chessboard. You must then tap all of your colored squares before your opponent. Any tapped square will be marked, so you can accidentally help your opponent. 

There might be a power up or two, but small ones, like get rid of 2 squares at once. 

There will also be a single player mode where the computer taps squares with increasing speed every level.

I'm considering using embedded advertising and/or a paid app. The current fashion seems to be free with ads or paid.

How will this be presented? 
Android market

Upkeep after completion 
Bug fixes

Timeline / Milestones
03/30/11: Publish app to market
-Get Android 2.1 on two devices
-Learn Bluetooth mechanisms
-Accommodate various screen sizes (ie tablets)
-Core gameplay

Additional Info / Needs

The very basics of one and two-player modes are in place. So far, bluetooth seems fast enough to not noticeably impair gameplay speed. The goal is to finish in 3 weeks, so from here on out:
Week 1: core gameplay, UI
Week 2: artwork, figure out adverts
Week 3: sound
Last remaining days: testing, polishing

I've been working with my project files in Dropbox, just to backup everything.

Demoed the basics for a couple people. The core game may be too simple, but I'd rather start simple and get more complex, a lesson learned with Alkaline and demonstrated by every successful little game ever. 

For the UI, I have the basic flow of menus and screens written out, but I want a digital version. I've used Visio and Enterprise Architect, which are way too complex and costly. Past solutions have also included PowerPoint (or OO Impress), mspaint, and Inkscape. I just tried out the browser-based Gliffy, which is awesomely simple and intuitive. Sadly, it's only a 30 day trial and $5/month after that.

Core gameplay is done, graphics are pretty much finished, thanks largely to NASA's free images. Instead of starting with feature-creep, I'm going to err on the side of simplicity for this game. Right now there aren't many Bluetooth games on the market, which might just mean that web and wifi are the way to do multiplayer. Whatever the case, head-to-head with two nearby devices is the core element of this game, so I'm going to keep the gameplay extremely simple so people can just critique the gameplay. For now, I'm foregoing sound and power-ups. GetSquares will just be two players each tapping their squares faster than their opponent. 

Remaining tasks for the next 2 weeks:
-Allow host to change board size in multiplayer
-Figure out ads (I'll start with a paid version)
-Help menu


GetSquares is now Gem Speed 2 Player. It sounds kind of translated, but Speed Gem is harder to understand when spoken, and I really wanted 2 Player in the title since that's the real differentiating product. 

Gem Speed 2 player is up on the Android market and under review for the Amazon app store. Here's a video of me and the wife demoing 2 player:


The app has been up for a week now on the Android Market. Ads are in place on the free version, and I've tested it on several phones. Gem Speed is currently on version 1.2 after a couple rounds of bux fixes. I'm going to call this project finished.