Project Name: 
Improve Rhythm Guitar

Date: 04/31/11

Who will be primarily involved?
Brian Herbert

Final Product
Android app

Project Goal
Fix issues with Android app, Rhythm Guitar, and release an ad-supported version. [DONE]

Detailed Description
I wrote the original RG app with only certain screen resolutions in mind, and now the app looks terrible on bigger devices. I'd also like to see if the MediaPlayer has been improved on.

How will this be presented? 
Android market

Upkeep after completion 
Bug fixes

Timeline / Milestones
4/12/11 Publish paid and ad-supported aps

Additional Info / Needs


The main issue is that I originally just used native UI elements (views) as graphics. A grid of radio buttons are the finger markers, checkboxes indicate whether a string is played, and a text "x" marks muted strings. Since screen sizes vary with hardware and UI varies with software versions, the layouts get distorted throughout phones and versions. 

Additionally, some button placements for actual UI purposes are off. I'd also like to incorporate vibrations and maybe ads.

The first issue is the finger markers. The bottom of the first fret starts 105 px from the top of the fretboard (screen). The three subsequent fret bottoms are each 75 px more down. I'm making custom radio buttons 30 px square (though they're circles) to get a better handle on alignment. 75 px between frets - 30 px for radios leaves about 13 px margins on each side. Hopefully, the exact pixel difference won't compound enough error to really be seen.

Got sidetracked, but Rhythm Guitar should now work on any size Android device 320x480 and up, including tablets, though I haven't verified that. I also published a free version with ads under BurningAltar.