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Shallow End

Project Name: The Shallow End

Date: 01/28/11

Who will be primarily involved?
Brian Herbert

Final Product
Website, twitter account, facebook group

Project Goal
Make money, get regular visitors, link back to Burning Altar

Detailed Description
I'd like to create a minimalistic webcomic that's really just a one-liner, pun, or witticism. The main page will be a plain background with the text front and center, with links to previous days phrases. It'll be updated at least 3 times a week.

If this gets enough followers, I'll add links to get the phrase printed on a shirt, sticker, etc. Optimistic plans also include a sub-page called "The Deep End", where deeper questions or thoughts are posted infrequently.

How will this be presented?
On a website, facebook, twitter

Upkeep after completion
Come up with at least 3 phrases per week and post them.

Timeline / Milestones
03/01/11: Create backlog of 100 phrases
03/07/11: Create custom font
Find and purchase domain name
Create facebook and twitter accounts
Set up initial site

Additional Info / Needs

----------- 1/28/11 ------------
Purchased domain ""

----------- 2/02/11 ------------
Up to 74, 26 to go before launch.

I made a couple of fonts to use for displaying phrases. The first is about as carefully as I can write on a screen, and the second is close to my natural handwriting:

----------- 2/10/11 ------------
100 phrases!

For the site, I'm going to go as simple as possible, black on white, Google sites.

My main issue now is branding. Since I was only able to register, I'm not sure I should still call this "the shallow end." I'd like to tweet the phrases and possibly have a facebook group, but can't decide between theshallowend and notverydeep.

And the twitter name is taken, so I got @notverydeep with my haxrox Google name.
Here's the first one:

Herb Natural font, size 28, 600x200 px, black on white. For now. The naming convention of the images and individual pages is yymmdd.

----------- 2/11/11 ------------
The site is up at

For the twitter @notverydeep account, I created a small graphic:
I think I'll start posting on Monday.

----------- 2/14/11 ------------
Site is up, as simple-looking as possible. My past projects have taught me that I am strong on ideas and weak on decor, so we'll see how the no-frills approach works. Also, I like working within constraints so their are less options to deliberate over, so my operating guidelines will be "as simple as possible," with extremely minor concessions, like letting links be blue and underlined.

Thursday morning I'll broadcast the site url on facebook.

----------- 2/24/11 ------------
Phase 1 is pretty much done. Like Craig commented, it feels too barebones and a voting system might help. Now it's just a matter of getting traffic. The nice thing about the site at the moment is that it's pure content, so repeat visits should tell if visitors actually like the phrases.