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Brian Herbert

DOB: 09/10/1983
Location: Oreland, Pennsylvania

About Me:

    Got a sweet wife in '06 and graduated from Grove City College right before that. I studied Software Engineering there. I've lived in Pennsylvania since I was 9 except for a two-year hiatus in Austin, TX. I'm horrible at organizing, categorizing, and staying on track because I keep getting distracted with project ideas, learning things, and wasting time. If my time and energy are light, then I usually act like a prism and scatter little bits of that light in a thousand directions. Sometimes it's pretty, but I need to output more than aesthetics. I want this site to focus my efforts like a laser.

Past projects:
I've designed a couple shirts at, and co-authored the Android game Alkaline and made the app Rhythm Guitar.

Skills: guitar, some recording, writing, lots of ideas, programming, bland graphic design, exercise
Unskills: drumming, singing, chasing only good ideas, artisticness
Future skills: singing, Japanese
Wishful skills: drumming, art, talk to animals