Project Name: 
Improve Gem Speed


Who will be primarily involved?
Brian Herbert

Final Product
Android app

Project Goal
Make Gem Speed a better game

Detailed Description
v 1.4
Don't make user start from level 1 when he loses

How will this be presented? 
Android market

Upkeep after completion 
Bug fixes

Timeline / Milestones
5/25/11 version 1.4

Additional Info / Needs

One improvement I wish I could make is changing the name. It turns out to be very hard to remember. For now, the most glaring frustration is in the 1-player mode: When a player loses, he has to start over at level 1, rather than being able to retry a level. Also, the difference in AI speeds between levels is constant, making higher levels seem to get harder faster. I'm going to try a logarithmic function, or something that at least makes the speed between high levels less drastic.

Just made the following changes:

-When you lose you can now retry the current level
-Level difficulty increases more gradually
-Larger headstart bonuses
-New background

Version 1.4 is in the Android Market and I'll add them to the Amazon one soon, though that seems like a lost cause with just 1 purchase and a mediocre developer interface.