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The Argument For Urgency Album

Project Name: "The Argument For Urgency" CD

Who will be primarily involved? Craig Allen

Final Product: 10-12 high quality recorded songs

Project Goal: Make money selling online and at future gigs.

Detailed Description: My goal for making an album is to have a set of songs that ask tough questions about life (love, loss, pain, beauty, sacrifice, purpose) and offer hope to people dealing with these issues.  I want to push the limits of the "Christian" music label by writing challenging lyrics and intricate music to go along with it.  There will be no one style but a blend of rock, acoustic, blues, rap, and whatever else I come up with.

How will this be presented? iTunes and professionally mastered CD.

Upkeep after completion: Promotion via social networking.

Timeline / Milestones: 12/12/2012.

Additional Info / Needs: Critiques of lyrics, music, and ideas.