Simple Draw for Toddlers (Android app)
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I'm not sure why that pink line on right showed up in the video. Computers; how do they work?


Despite being a mobile developer, I'd been on the fence about getting a tablet for years, until the Amazon Fire 7 went on sale for 35 bucks. I got it for our kids, aged 4, 2, and baby, all boys. The 4 year old is just starting to get the coordination and comprehension for games, but he can't read, and he's not used to navigating apps, using icons, or understanding that rotating and accidentally hitting the system menu can mess things up. Turns out there are no super simple drawing apps on the Android market! Everything has to have some crazy brush types or saving functionality or coloring book backgrounds. My kids love using markers or colored pencils, so I decided to make a simple app with those limitations: you can choose a color and get a new sheet when you want one, nothing more. You can't erase or undo or change your brush size. If you turn it sideways, your picture is sideways. So far, even the 2 year old has been able to handle Simple Draw. The biggest obstacle is understanding that he can't have either hand resting on the screen when he's drawing.

Privacy Policy

This app is purely for entertainment and intended to be as worry-free as possible when in the hands of toddlers. It doesn't use or access any part of your Android device beyond the touchscreen. There's no internet access, in-app purchasing, tracking, file storage, background processes, or other useless junk.